perryKenzie L. Perry is the first leading artist to exhibit an art collection created exclusively for the 2nd Annual Cinco de MiMo Festival to showcase Miami Modern (MiMo) Architecture on Biscayne Boulevard. As a participating vendor in the festival last year, Perry saw a potential opportunity to celebrate his neighborhood and to help the MiMo Biscayne Association through his artistry. Continue Reading »

mimo-revealedAnother book we highly recommend is “MiMO: Miami Modern Revealed” by Eric P. Nash and Randall C. Robinson Jr.

The book is a survey of postwar architecture that populated the Miami from humble motels to grand oceanside resorts. MiMO was and is a unique form of architecture that found a home in Miami and Miami Beach.

While many people in Miami are familiar with the current state of the Vagabond Motel on Biscayne Boulevard, we thought we’d show you what it looked like back in its hey-day when it first opened in 1953.

The Vagabond was designed by Robert Swartburg who also designed the Delano hotel in Miami Beach in 1947 and the Marseilles hotel in 1948.  Continue Reading »

Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage Resort Motel was located at 99th Street and Collins Avenue in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Mardi Gras

Igor B. Polevitzky was responsible for many magnificent buildings during his 30-year architectural career in Miami and Miami Beach. The Mardi Gras Motel on Biscayne Boulevard was another one of his designs. Continue Reading »

Moulin Rouge Resort Motel

41st Street and Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, Florida. 100% Air-conditioned and heated, Two Swimming Pools, Private Dock, Fishing, Boating and Skiing, two elevators, Coffee Shop & Lounge. T.V., card, and children’s play rooms, free indoor parking.

The 1950s were a time of conspicuous and somewhat gaudy consumption as evidenced by the ostentatious designs coming out of Detroit such as this 1959 Cadillac.

Waikiki Resort Motel

In the 1950s Hawaii was a newly discovered mecca for rank-and-file tourists seeking a place in the sun for their vacation. Economy airfares put the Hawaiian Islands within reach of the middle class and visitors increasingly chose Honolulu over Miami Beach. Continue Reading »

Ocean Palm Motel

Ocean Palm Motel

“The Gem of Informal Living”
Collins Avenue at 157th St. on the Ocean in Miami Beach. Private Beach with Ocean front Patio. Every room an outside room overlooking the Ocean. Hotel rooms and apartments 100% air-conditioned and luxuriously furnished. T.V. and Card Room, sensible rates, daily, weekly or seasonal.

Pan Am Motel

The Pan Am Motel was located at 17875 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

Directly on the Ocean, Completely Air-Conditioned. 150 Rooms each with Private Bath and Sun Terrace. Studio Rooms with Kitchenettes. Restaurant and Snack Bar — Cocktail lounge — Garage Parking — 400 Feet of Private Beach — Salt Water Pool — Elevator Service. Informal living for a selected clientele.