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Miami Beach Motels in 1955


ABBOTT TERRACE MOTEL 8. APTS. — 8116 Abbott Avenue. On attractive grounds, 2 blocks west off Collins Avenue, 200 yards from beach. Housekeeping units and hotel rooms. Air cooling or air conditioning, electric heat and tiled shower or combination baths; TV available.

ANCHOR MOTOR INN — 18970 Collins Avenue. Private beach, small, quiet vacation spot with rooms and apartments. (more…)

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Driftwood Motel in Sunny Isles

Driftwood Motel circa 1958

Driftwood Motel circa 1958

The Driftwood Motel was located at 17121 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles, Florida and was another of Norman Giller’s designs from 1952. It was built in two separate stages, the first was a two story section on the north side of the site, then later another three story section was joined to the existing structure to complete the motel.

Also notice the S-curved second story glass wall above the auto parking area.

Exceeding the Most Enviable Expectation

The right people awarded overwhelming recognition to this new motel. Exceeding the most enviable expectations — The DRIFTWOOD Motel — a motel that is different, featuring deluxe hotel accommodations, yet never losing the informality of a motel … thrills of luxury and elegance await you. The fabulous Driftwood is truly a Vacation Paradise. (more…)

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